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Exclusive, Invite only, for fast growth companies
avoid mistakes & 
deepen your knowledge
confidential exchange of what works & what doesn't
Avoid Isolation
Collaborate with peers
How It Works
Bring a business or tech challenge that you would like to review with your peers.  Meet us for coffee at 10am at the Eide Bailly headquarters in the DTC. Then at 1pm, we all walk downstairs to have lunch at Ruth Chris, and Eide Bailly picks up the tab.
Who Is Eligible
The quality of the experience is tied to the quality of the members.  Therefore, this is an exclusive group.  
Membership is upon approval only.

This is for Manufacturing Industry: 
Department Heads / Division Heads / GMs / Senior Executives / Senior IT Influencers

Discussions are strickly confidential and details are NOT SHARED with Eide Bailly.
The MTG Story
MTG is an invitation only  community of the very best Manufacturing Executives, who meet in small groups to share what works and avoid mistakes.

It was created by Manufacturing Executives who wanted a step beyond conferences and sales pitches.  

MTG is a confidential and open forum where members share insights, experiences, and best practices.

Technology is eating the world and, MTG is a proven tool to align Technology with Boardroom Strategy.
Interested In Joining?
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